Wisconsin Herd

Wisconsin Herd Fan Guide

Wisconsin Herd Team Profile

Team Name: Wisconsin Herd

City: Oshkosh, WI

NBA Affiliate: Milwaukee Bucks

Year Founded: 2017

History of the Wisconsin Herd

Attending a Wisconsin Herd Game

Note from a fan:

“To me the two best restaurants near the stadium are the Mexican restaurant “South of the Border” and the classic bar and grill “Brooklyn Grill”. In terms of quality of food I love “South of the Border” their fajitas are delicious, however it’s a distant 8 blocks from the arena. Brooklyn Grill is four blocks away and a very popular pre-game venue serving fairly standard American dishes.

The best food inside the actual stadium is Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and it is also the best valued food in the stadium. I’m not sure this holds true to other G league Arenas but to me it seems Menominee nation arena has an abnormal number of Beer stands, I counted 9 or 10 different restaurants/concession stands that served beer varieties. Which seems like a lot for an arena of capacity 3500.

In terms of team memories, our history is short so we lack anything really substantial. No playoff appearances, 2 losing seasons. That said, My favorite memory involving the team was the day it was announced Oshkosh was to receive the team. It was so cool to find out we were gonna get a professional basketball team in Oshkosh.”

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