Capital City Go-Go

Capital City Go-Go Fan Guide

Capital City Go-Go Team Profile

Team Name: Capital City Go-Go

City: Washington, D.C.

NBA Affiliate: Washington Wizards

Year Founded: 2018

History of the Capital City Go-Go

The Capital City Go-Go are an NBA G league team based out of Washington, D.C. and are the minor league affiliate for the Washington Wizards. Entering in 2018, the Go-Go are one of the league’s most recent entrants, as the NBA seeks to expand its developmental league to a full 30 teams.

A common question is “Where does the Capital City Go-Go name come from?” Being from the capital city of the United States, the team sought to honor the city’s rich musical traditional by choosing a nickname in reference to the funky, percussive style born out of the 1970’s.

Attending a Go-Go Home Game

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