Basketball Africa League (BAL)

What is the Basketball Africa League?

The Basketball Africa League (BAL) is a professional sports league comprised of teams that compete across the continent of Africa. The formation of the league is a joint effort between the NBA and FIBA.

What teams compete in the Basketball Africa League?

As of the 2021-2022 season, there are twelve teams that compete in the BAL:

  • AS Douanes
  • AS Police
  • AS Salé
  • FAP
  • Ferroviário de Maputo
  • GNBC
  • GS Pétroliers
  • Patriots
  • Petro de Luanda
  • Rivers Hoopers
  • US Monastir
  • Zamalek

History of the Basketball Africa League

Zamalek was the first team to win the inaugural BAL championship in 2021.