Meet the NBA G League Mascots

2021 – 2022 NBA G League Mascots

With the 2021-2022 NBA G League season set to start in early November, it is a good time to learn about the mascots for each team. There are thirty teams set to compete in the league this year, although seven teams do not currently have an official public mascot. Here is the list of the 23 mascots, listed in alphabetical order by team name.

Agua Caliente Clippers Mascot – Kid Condor

Kid Condor is the mascot for the Agua Caliente Clippers. As the team is sponsored by the Agua Caliente band in the larger Cahuila tribe, the team initially chose not to be represented by a mascot. However, the franchise decided to pay respects to its Native American heritage with a mascot referencing the Condor, a sacred bird.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Kid Condor first name might be known as Chuck.

Austin Spurs Mascot – Da Bull

At six feet and two inches, 100% pure energy, Da Bull is the fun-loving mascot of the Austin Spurs. His favorite actress is a local Austin resident, Sandra BULLock, and his favorite San Antonio player is Manu Ginobili. You can even request Da Bull for a private event

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Da Bull once almost cost his team a victory!

Birmingham Squadron Mascot – None

Fun fact: While one the G League’s newest teams has not officially announced a mascot, the Squadron’s team name reflects back on the parent club. A group of pelicans is collectively known as a Squadron, marking a connection to the New Orleans parent club.

Capital City Go-Go Mascot – None

Fun Fact: The Capital City Go-Go do not have an official mascot, although they have utilized the Washington Wizard’s mascot G-Wiz for public appearances in the past.

Cleveland Charge Mascot – Pozzie

Pozzie, the mascot for the Cleveland Charge, is a “classic, scrappy underdog.” he weighs 225 pounds with zero percent bodyfat.

Source: Team Website

Twitter: @ChargePozzie

College Park SkyHawks Mascot – Colli Hawk

The College Parks SkyHawks mascot is the avian-themed Colli Hawk.

Source: Twitter

Fun fact: For his first public appearance, Colli Hawk descended from the rafters onto the court!

Delaware Blue Coats Mascot – Coaty

Coaty is a horse mascot for the Delaware Blue Coats. His favorite game to play is H.O.R.S.E. and his favorite movie is Seabiscuit.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Coaty replaced former team mascot Caesar the Fox, which is the state animal of Delaware.

Fort Wayne Mad Ants Mascot – The Mad Ant

The Fort Wayne Mad Ants mascot is appropriately named “The Mad Ant”, which refers to the namesake of the team’s city, General “Mad” Anthony Wayne.

Source: Twitter

Fun fact: The Mad Ant mascot underwent a costume design from a bright red and yellow to dark blue in 2017.

Grand Rapids Gold Mascot – Buckets

Buckets is the mascot for the Grand Rapids Gold. he is a basketball themed mascot.


Source: Twitter

Fun fact: Buckets was originally introduced when the team was named the Grand Rapids Drive.

Twitter: @BucketsGRGold

Greensboro Swarm Mascot – Sergeant Swarm

Sergeant Swarm is the energetic superhero mascot of the Greensboro Swarm. A buzz of excitement, Sergeant Swarm wears jersey Number 00, shaped like honey combs.

Sergeant Swarm - Greensboro Swarm Mascot
Source: Team Website

Iowa Wolves Mascot – Alpha

A born leader, Alpha is a wolf and embodies the team nickname.

Image result for iowa wolves alpha
Source: Twitter

Lakeland Magic Mascot – Swish

Swish is the team mascot for the Lakeland Magic. He was conceptualized by designer and illustrator Ava Buric.

Swish - Lakeland Magic Mascot
Source: Twitter

Fun fact: Swish celebrates his birthday on February 20th!

Long Island Nets Mascot – Dale the Eagle

Dale the Eagle is a high-soaring eagle mascot hailing from the hamlet of Uniondale.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Dale wears #72 to pay homage to the year the Stadium opened.

Twitter: @FlyWithDale

Maine Celtics Mascot – Crusher

Crusher is a green lobster who serves as the mascot for the Maine Celtics. Before the team was renamed from the Maine Red Celtics, Crusher’s design was a more traditionally lobster-colored bright red.

Crusher - Maine Celtics Mascot
Source: Team Website

Fun fact: In his spare time, Crusher shoots hoops or listens to music, such as his favorite song “Rock Lobster” by the B-52’s.

Memphis Hustle Mascot – None

The Memphis Hustle do not have their own mascot, but sometimes receive public appearances from the Memphis Grizzlies’ bear mascot, Grizz.

Mexico City Capitanes Mascot – Juanjolote

The Mexico City Capitanes are the newest team in the G League as of the 2021-2022 season. To kick off the new franchise, the team announced their axolotl-inspired mascot, Juanjolote.

Source: Team Website

Fun fact: Axolotls’ only native habitat is found in Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City.

Motor City Cruise Mascot – None

The Northern Arizona Suns recently relocated to Detroit in 2021 to become the Motor City Cruise. The team does not currently have a mascot.

Fun fact: Buckets, the former mascot of the Northern Arizona (NAZ) Suns shared a name with the mascot of the Grand Rapids Gold.

NBA G League Ignite Mascot – None

One of the most elite and unique teams in the NBA G League, the Ignite do not have a current mascot.

Oklahoma City Blue Mascot – None

Like other G League teams that share a city with their parent club, the OKC Blue do not have their own mascot. Instead, they enlist the help of Rumble the Bison, mascot for the OKC Thunder, for public appearances.

Raptors 905 Mascot – Stripes

The dinosaur-themed mascot for the Raptors 905 is named Stripes. He was once the replacement mascot for the Toronto Raptors.

Stripes - Raptors 905 Mascot
Source: Team Website

Rio Grande Valley Vipers Mascot – Fang

Not much is known about Fang, except that he is the elusive mascot for the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Vipers.

Fang - Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Vipers Mascot
Source: Twitter

Salt Lake City Stars Mascot – Buster Bear

The ursine mascot of the Salt Lake City Stars is Buster Bear. Buster is a close cousin to Jazz Bear, the mascot of the parent Utah club.

Source: Team Website

Fun fact: Buster Bear can also be booked for a special appearance.

Santa Cruz Warriors Mascot – Mav’Riks

Mav’Riks is the turtle mascot for the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Mav’Riks even has his own Facebook Page!

Sioux Falls Skyforce Mascot – Thunder

Thunder has been the wolf-themed mascot for the Sioux Falls Skyforce for almost thirty years!

Thunder - Sioux Falls Skyforce Mascot
Source: Team Website

South Bay Lakers Mascot – None

The South Bay Lakers do not have an official mascot.

Stockton Kings Mascot – Dunkson

Dunkson is the regal mascot for the Stockton Kings.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Dunkson’s royal ancestors to Zimbabwe, India, and other ancient kingdoms were proven with a DNA test.

Texas Legends Mascot – Dunker

Dunker, the blue hound, is the mascot for the Texas Legends. He wears #2 on his jersey,


Dunker - Texas Legends Mascot
Source: Team Website

Westchester Knicks Mascot – Hudson

Hudson, was announced as the horse-themed team mascot for the Westchester Knicks in 2016.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: His uniform #914 represents the area code.

Windy City Bulls Mascot – Gus T. Bull

Gus T. Bull is the mascot for the Windy City Bulls.

Source: Team Website

Fun Fact: Gus T. Bull makes private appearances by request.

Wisconsin Herd Mascot – Pointer

Pointer is the mascot for the Wisconsin Herd.

Source: Team Website


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